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Cold Aisle Containment
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At CRS we believe in a ‘complete solution’ for your data centre or comms room however we understand that that not every key fits the same hole and not all solutions fit every problem. We appreciate and understand all of your cooling, power and additional operational parameters and specialise in the design of containment solutions large and small for your data centre helping you to not only drastically reduce your running costs but by also enabling and empowering you to become more energy efficient in the long term thus reducing your carbon print, reducing emissions and substantially reducing your cooling and energy costs.

CRS design, manufacture and install containment solutions. Our containment options can be designed and fabricated with or without the presence of a raised floor, used in conjuncture with both in-row coolers and CRAC units, implemented & installed on non-CRS cabinets and can help you and your business achieve instant benefits in regards to;

  • Increased cooling capacity
  • Allows for accurate cooling requirement  forecasting
  • Increased CRAC efficiencies by allowing for higher return air temperature post installation due to the reduction in dissipation between hot and cold airflows
  • Smaller Carbon footprint
  • Heavy reductions in energy costs
  • Increased efficiency and reduced maintenance costs
  • Prolong and extend the life of equipment by allowing them to operate at much more efficient and less taxing levels
  • Lower chiller running costs
  • Cool much higher heat loads per rack with much less power draw.
  • Can dramatically reduce energy costs, minimize hotspots and improve the carbon footprint of data centres
  • Can be used with or without conventional raised floor cooling. It is easily retrofitted into existing raised floor data centres and works in tandem with the raised floor as well as with extreme density cooling systems to produce highly efficicient cooling solutions.
  • Up to 20-30% reduction in chiller costs
  • Consistently separates cold and warm areas without requiring structural changes to the data centre. A cold aisle retro fit can be implemented easily and quickly.
  • Aisle containment has 2 distinct advantages. First, it increases the cooling capacity and energy efficiency of the cooling unit and second, the increased capacity, together with the separation of hot and cold air, makes it possible to cool higher heat loads per rack.
  • Cold Aisle Containment with internal cooling can cool more than 30kw per rack.


Post inspection by a qualified CRS delegate a containment solution will be designed around your requirements. If you already occupy space within a data centre or communications room, our solution can be seamlessly integrated and retro-fitted on site.  A qualified CRS installation specialist will seal off your aisles using high density Danpalon sheeting and treated aluminium extrusions.

Using concealed retention clips the fully assembled system is free floating. Each component is free to thermally expand or contract at its own rate, eliminating “waves” or deflections and maintaining the structural properties of the material. This technical superiority is appreciated through a wide range of quality installations throughout the world.


By choosing a CRS containment solution you are making a choice to only cool a targeted area; rather than aimlessly pumping cold air (at your expense) into a “general area” thus eventually and inevitably allowing it to dissipate and mix with the hot air generated at the rear of your cabinets

Cold aisle containment better addresses the task of separating hot and cold air while supplying cold air to the servers. CAC has a focused cooling approach and can be used with or without  conventional raised floor cooling 

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