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Data Centre Caging
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CRS Data Centre Caging


Whilst our racks and cabinets can be found in most Australasian data centres and co-location facilities we also specialise in the design, construction and installation of;

  • Secure data centre caging
  • Under floor/Below the grid security
  • Floor to ceiling/ Slab to slab security.

CRS security caging solutions are custom designed and built to provide high level security solutions for computer rooms, server rooms, and co-location data centres. The security of equipment, particularly within facilities that have multiple users, can be controlled with a CRS Cage Wall solution.

We understand and appreciate that the security of your asset is of the utmost importance and through years of experience have come to understand and dedicate our focus on reducing the amount of variables and ensuring a positive balance between an aesthetically appeasing data centre, airflow and a secure and visible solution, built and promptly installed to your security standards.

From conceptual stages through to completion our friendly installations specialists will guide and liase with you and your team/client prior to the build, ensuring smooth assembly even in difficult locations.


  • The fully modular construction allows for ease of assembly in difficult locations
  • Design incorporates features to enable additional Cage Walls to be added for expansion if necessary.
  • Strong and sturdy construction to maintain integrity of security visibility and airflow
  • 2.0mm thick sheet steel panels punched with 35mm x 35mm square grid patterns,  folded edges and finished with powdercoat finish
  • Each panel is secured in place to 50 x50 mm vertical post/frames, which are fixed to the top of the raised floor and into the building structure above the suspended ceiling.
  • Standard panel sizes are modular to correspond with standard computer floor grids
  • Door options include swinging or sliding doors. Doors are manufactured to specific widths from framed aluminium sheet to match the Cage Wall material.
  • Un-compromised cable access
  • All panel/post connections utilize concealed fixings from the secure wall side
  • New design allows for the removal of tiles under the cage wall
  • Caging solutions can be customized to any environment 
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